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Painting toys for children: more space to the young artists!
Free the creativity of your children with a box to decorate.
PAINTPOTAI are realtoy containers designed to be used in your little ones’ rooms.

They are designed to be, customized and colored by children.
What are you waiting for?
Arm your child with colors, brushes and paints and leave them free to express their infinite imagination.
They are perfect for reproducing painting games in every variation.

Also use them as memory boxes to hold the best photographs and memories of your children.
Use the felt-tip pens, finger-paint sets and all the coloring accessories that you always find for sale here on Rippotai, they are the perfect birthday gifts or even baby shower party gifts. You can use them as a set-box for fun-creative activities for birthdays and parties: give life to real workshops of painting games during parties and involve all children, spurring them to express their infinite creative potential.

All the products offered for children are non-toxic, CE certified,natural and 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.

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