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Give a sound to your house thanks to the original ottoman seat and bluetooth speaker Soundpotai.

Actually, it is not an Hi-Fi system literally. Soundpotai is an home decor object and a soundbox that decorates your house. It is not a traditional Bluetooth Speaker but it represents a new way to feel the music and decorate your room with good vibes. Playlists, podcasts, radio but also chat, call, TV programs and videogames… Connect your favorite bluetooth device and find the right inspiration with our innovative audio speaker. Soundpotai You use it as a seat, a design object, or as little table or ottoman, it will become protagonist in your room. The additional battery-powered option gives you the possibility to use it everywhere. Choose your style and put Soundpotai on display, in complete harmony with your home, or decide to bring the most original gift at that party. But beware, Soundpotai at the moment can only be purchased behind a pre-order. Nothing changes for you but delivery times may vary.

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SOUNDPOTAI is the original ottoman seat and a <strong>bluetooth musical soundbox </strong> at the same time. Create the ideal atmosphere at home or in the office without need to hide the traditional musical speakers not in harmony with your room. With SOUNDPOTAI you highlight your favorite music and put it in the center of your room. Soundpotai soundbox can be used as a seat, as a small table, a footstool or as a design object. Thanks to the battery-power possibility you will be able to enjoy it in all ways, you could even take it with you even in a caravan! Choose the style you like best and decorate your indoor with "good vibrations". As a musical instrument soundbox, Soundpotai uses sound vibrations to diffuse the sound, and if you touch its surface or use it as a seat, you can feel the music in your body and hear the music even more intensely. Even children will have fun with SOUNDPOTAI, for them many patterns suitable for their bedroom and even a customizable version DIY. The small size allows you to leave it in plain sight and use it as well as an <strong>audio speaker</strong> also in many other ways. Soundpotai is a gift for special occasions. Does your best friend get married and do you want to surprise him with a special gift? For the wedding give the happy couple a Soundpotai music box, and create special playlists with your friends to make them happy. An original graduation gift or for any other special occasion that deserves a wonderful gift idea. Great music, green design! SOUNDPOTAI soundbox is also synonymous with sustainability. Made with natural, 100% recyclable,  eco-friendly  and extra resistant cardboard, it does not use any glue and is assembled using joints like a puzzle. When you receive it at home you won't have to do anything. SOUNDPOTAI is already mounted and working, you will just have to turn it on and connect via bluetooth. <pre id="tw-target-text" class="tw-data-text tw-text-large tw-ta" dir="ltr" data-placeholder="Traduzione"></pre>