Bottle holder and Lamp Bubble Lantern


What is it?

A bottle-holder made entirely of eco-friendly multi-layer and extra resistant cardboard. Sustainable, plastic-free, you don’t throw it away but reuse it as a lantern or as a table lamp. Remove the dots to let the light pass and use them as decorations on the wall and on the cabinet. Buy separately, also here , the appropriate electrical accessories et voilà, your sustainable lamp is ready: prosit! It is a gift idea for wine lovers who like design, good ideas and excellent wine vintage.

What’s inside

  • Dimensions 10x10x25,5 cm extra-resistant cardboard (thickness 1.4cm)
  • Bottle holder suitable for standard bottles for wine and sparkling wines
  • Electrical components are not included but you can choose them here
  • Eco-friendly


The eco-friendly bottle holder that turns into a lamp

Let’s face it, giving wine is always an activity that makes us increase our self-esteem. Showing off our wine culture allows us to create an extra sensory journey through lands, scents and emotions without moving from the table. The limit of giving wine, as well as making the mistake of giving it to a teetotaller, is that at the end the bottle gets empty and the gift remains only a pleasant memory. And then not always a bottle has the stage presence it deserves. Rippotai® has also thought about this. A sustainable, extra-resistant bottle holder entirely in eco-friendly material which, with the necessary accessories, becomes a lantern or a table lamp. Your gift will continue to shine making you remember with pleasure the excellent present and you will make a great impression surprising everyone with an original and eco-friendly gift.

Live a sustainable life
Like all Rippotai® also this product is made of recyclable and natural super-resistant eco-friendly cardboard . Its production is designed for a reduced consumption of resources and to make you aware of an intelligent and responsible purchase.

Additional information

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Bottle Holder

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