Cardboard Lampshade LAMPOTAI 18 Memphis


What’s inside:

  • Lampshade 18×18×18 cm in extra resistant cardboard (thick 1,4 cm)

What is it?

An innovative eco-friendly lampshade to create an original table lamp, ceiling lamp or bedside lamp. The detachable shapes can be used to direct the light or decorate the walls.

The accessories to complete the lamp as you can see it in the picture are not included! Click here to choose the combination that best suits your needs

Light up your living thanks to Lampotai lampshade. LAMPOTAI 18 Memphis is an innovative cardboard lampshade in the shape of a cube that can be personalized in many ways thanks to the many accessories  avaliable on this website

This lamp pattern is a tribute to Memphis Style, a special expressive design expression that was founded in the 80s by Ettore Sottsass. and its collective of architects and designers.
An eccentric and impactful style, characterized by the use of brush and bold colors, geometric shapes and multiple stylistic influences such as:  Art Deco, Pop Art and Futurism of the fifties.
The expressive creativity of the Memphis style still continues to inspire top designers and fashion stylist.
If you wish, you can combine the Rippotai Memphis cardboard box with this cardboard lamp, always featuring the same pattern. In this way you’ll obtain a complete Memphis home decor style set.

An original gift idea for design lovers like you are!
At home and office you’ll light up the rooms with the fair share of creativity and joy.

You’ll receive LAMPOTAI 18 Memphis cardboard lampashade in its original shape: a cube.

Inside the cube you’ll find the instructions, where we explain how to detach the circle shapes with a simple touch and all the uses they have, and how to connect cable, bulb holder and bulb. 

We suggest to have a look at our accessories for Lampotai and discover all of them!

Customize your lampshade by sorting the circles out

The small circles can be detached or simply left on the lampshade: you can decide to use them to direct the light to obtain nice and warm light effects. Create an original scenography by decorating the wall with the small circles, they will give the idea to having been popped out from the lamp!

Main Features
  • Design Cardboard Lampshade, extra-resistant cardboard. 18x18x18 cm (1,4 cm thick)
  • Detachable circle shapes to direct the light and decorate the walls
  • Ecodesign and eco-friendly product:it is realized with recycled and 100% recyclable materials.
  • It is completely assembled without the use of any glue
  • Extra-resistant as every furniture according to FEFCo standards
  • Can be easily unfolded
  • The accessories to complete your cardboard lamp are not included. YOu can find them herei! If you’ll decide to purchase somewhere else the accessories,such as cables, bulbs and so on,  please make sure to use certified and safe products and above all LED cold light bulbs.

Rippotai® is made in Italy

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18 cm

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