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What is it?

To keep all your things handy, put them in a Rippotai®. Nice idea, don’t you think ?! Fill it and put it on display in harmony with the rooms of your home. You no longer have to hide plastic boxes, you no longer have to stress yourself with ultra-light boxes that break and you no longer have to hate bad boxes.Rippotai® is the first box designed to always be near you, as beautiful as a design piece of furniture. Plus it’s eco-sustainable.

What’s inside:

  • Cube dimensions: 33x33x33 cm in extra-resistant, multi-layer eco-friendly thickness: 1,4 cm).
  • Top cover in natural cardboard color
  • Integrated handles
  • Eco-friendly Design
  • A lot of space 🙂
  • Multifunction
  • This pattern is dedicated to all ballet lovers


There are those who just call it a box, we call it a design eco-friendly object

Rippotai is the original multi-purpose container that is also an home decor item. It is robust and colorful because it must be shown as a design object and not hidden. Perfect to contain many objects, magazines, clothes, all in plain sight in the center of your rooms. But you can use it in many other ways: empty pockets, vase holder, toys container, top, part of a bookcase or next to the sofa and finally a gift box. Choose the size and style you prefer. Thanks to its versatility every Rippotai is perfect both on its own and in combination with others: for an exclusive furnishing mix more sizes and colors.

Rippotai 33 is compatible with Ikea shelves like Kallax (33cm per side), so that it becomes also a drawer. Practical and easy to move with integrated handles, you put everything in it, from sweaters to children’s toys. Fantastic to use in view in the walk-in closets or as a modular piece of furniture for the basement.

Live a sustainable life
Like all Rippotai® this product is also made of recyclable and natural super-resistant cardboard. Its production is designed for a reduced consumption of resources and to make you aware of an intelligent and responsible purchase. It does not use glue but is assembled using joints like a puzzle. When you receive it at home you won’t have to do anything, Rippotai® is already assembled and ready to live with you.

Rippotai® is produced in Italy

Additional information


Ballet dancer pattern


33x33x33 cm

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