Golden LED bulb Globe


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What’s inside:

  • Golden LED bulb with long filament and Vintage style.
  • Dimenzions: Width 178 mm – Height 125 mm.
  • Power 7W – RA > 80 – 720 lumen –  E27 Connection – Class A+.
  • Color 2500° K – Beam  360°- Last 10000h

What is it?

A light LED bulb with golden glass. The filament inside is twice longer then the one in standard bulbs to obtain a better distribution of the light and a less dazzling effect.  A unique accessory for your favourite   LAMPOTAI  thanks to its vintage style and the special warm light


Golden LED bulb Globe with long led filament is perfect for all those who like to give a vintage effect to their cardboard lamp Lampotai by Rippotai.
This bulb has a 2500°K color and grants a 360° beam.

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