Soundpotai is finally online!

Today is the day!!!

From now on you can purchase Soundpotai on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform

Click on this link and you’ll be redirected on Indiegogo. one of the most used crowdfunding platform.

Maybe this is the first time you are doing a purchase on the platform, but don’t worry we are here to help you and explain you step by step how it works!


If you don’t know yet what Soundpotai is…

Soundpotai is a revolutionary Bluetooth® soundbox, like you haven’t seen nor heard before: an innovative sound experience. It is realized in extra-resistant multi-layer cardboard, so resistant that you can seat on it! The HI-FI technology inside, together with its special shape and the material itself are able to replicate the same sound principle of acoustic musical instruments. Exactly! Thanks to its vibrations Soundpotai spreads in the air a clean and natural sound as the soundbox of a guitar does. The great thing is that you can seat on it, feel the vibrations of the music and in your room you will hear a diffused and full sound without guessing its origin, even if you will be sitting on it. You can use it as a design object, a real home decor item that will enhance your indoor.

How to purchase on Indiegogo

On the right side of the page you’ll find some perks: in this case they include Soundpotai at a very special discounted price.

This perks include one or more combinations of the product itself. You can order the one you prefer and that best suits your need.

Let’s see them together:

  1. Soundpotai Super Early Bird

This pack includes 1 Soundpotai. You can choose here size (cm): Large 40x40x40 or Medium 33x33x33, and then choose the pattern: MDW, Moirè or Ginkgo

  1. Soundpotai Special Kids Pack

By choosing this option it is possible to order the version of Soundpotai designed for children in the 33x33x33 size with 3 available patterns: Natural, Ballet Dancer and Hip Hop Dancer. The package also includes a set of finger colors in 4 colors (yellow, blue, green and red).

3. Soundpotai 2 pack 1+ 1 for kids.

We have conceived a combination that can satisfy the desire for music and design of adults and children. Choosing this solution you will buy two Soundpotai, one in the 33x33x33 version (for children) and the other for you adults (40x40x40). Of course you can choose the patterns of each of these.

4. Soundpotai 2 Special Pack.

In this case you are free to choose the size you prefer and the patterns for two Soundpotai.

5. Soundpotai Special Kids 2 pack.

Finally we have created a last solution that includes two Soundpotai for children in the 33x33x33 size, of which you can choose the patterns. 2 finger colors sets are included.

Once you have chosen the perk you want, select it and complete all the steps necessary for the purchase, such as the choice of dimensions and patterns.

Finally, proceed with the purchase.

Crowdfunding aims to raise funds for the production of products, in this case Soundpotai. So not only will you buy a fantastic product at an incredible price but you will actively support the product launch campaign.

Indiegogo has a default introduction of warning for all campaigns in a prototyping phase. Do not worry, as you can see we are a real e-commerce and we have all the intentions to produce Soundpotai. The crowdfunding campaign would just give us a big support and the right start.

Once the collection is finished, you will immediately go to production and receive the product in question by October 2019.

If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact us.

We are happy to support you during your purchase.