SOUNDPOTAI is an original seat which becomes also an eco-friendly audio Bluetooth® speaker as you have never seen before: an innovative sound experience. A home decor item that enhances your room in an alternative and intelligent way to the rhythm of your favorite music

It is realized in extra-resistant multi-layer cardboard, so resistant that you can seat on it! The HI-FI technology inside, together with its special shape and the material itself are able to replicate the same sound principle of acoustic musical instruments.

Exactly! Thanks to its vibrations Soundpotai spreads in the air a clean and natural sound as the soundbox of a guitar does. The great thing is that in your room you will hear a diffused and full sound without guessing its origin, even if you will be sitting on it. You can use it as a design object, a real home decor item that will enhance your indoor.

Soundpotai is different from other sound systems and other HI-FI systems.

Actually,  it is not an Hi-Fi system literally. Soundpotai is an home decor object and a soundbox that decorates your house. You’ll get design, enveloping natural stereo sound and an ottoman seat all in one. We are sure that the experience of our soundbox will amaze you. Because we know the amazement on the faces of those who have tried and listened to Soundpotai. Thus overcoming the most difficult test: the field test.

Rippotai was conceived during the search for a new point of view to define and improve the appearance of some simple everyday objects. Thus were born the “boxes” in eco-sustainable material realized without the use of plastics and other non-recyclable substances. Later we transformed the “boxes” for home and office into real eco-friendly design objects.


Rippotai Founder

Our home decor cubes since then have  become: lamps, chairs, toys for children. When we thought of even putting music in it, we didn’t imagine that it would do so well. And the fact that some big, very big, competing players are trying it too means that we are on the right track.


Rippotai Founder

Many ideas with SOUNDPOTAI:

Omnidirectional sound experience

The stereo sound with a single speaker everywhere: you’ll feel like at a live concert. 

he same emotions experienced in a live show

Listen to the rhythm that pulsates through your body as if you were present at the show. Feel that drum!

Ascolta il ritmo che pulsa attraverso il tuo corpo come se fossi presente allo show.

Improve your gaming experience in an incredible way 

Swings of sword and magic, the armor that literally shakes … wow you’re sitting on it!

Immerse yourself in your playlists as if you were sitting on the piano

Music envelops you as if you are literally touching the musical instruments that release their vibration in the living room of your home.

Get the sound cuddles

It’s time to relax, just for you or with the children. The day passes calmly wrapped by the warm reassuring sound of Soundpotai while you personalize it with your paintings. When the kids are not at home the music is all for you, so relax and find your inspiration to do your yoga exercises.

How Soundpotai works


consists of a multi-layer cardboard box which houses an amplifier and two exciters. The 50W power amplifier receives the audio signal from Bluetooth devices or from devices connected via the AUX input jack.

The diffusers connected to the amplifier are two Sound Exciters. The Exciters are made of a motor unit, a moving coil and a suspension system. They are applied to the walls of the box, while releasing the sound waves they cause the vibration of the cardboard. That’s how the box turns into a stereo speaker.


  • Medium: 33x33x33 cm
  • Large: 40x40x40 cm

Technical specs of audio speaker Soundpotai

  • Bluetooth Standard Protocol: 4.2 
  • Bluetooth connection distance: 10 mt
  • Amplifier rated power: 15W RMS x 2
  • Input Interface: Bluetooth, 3,5mm AUX
  • Dynamic Range: 102 dB
  • Amplifier Class D
  • Exciters Power Handling (RMS): 10 watts
  • Exciter frequenza di risonanza: 300 Hz