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SOUNDPOTAI is a soundbox that can be connected to all your Bluetooth® devices. It is an interior décor item realized in eco-friendly, extra-resistant, multi-layer cardboard which vibrating amplifies your ambient with a clean, natural omnidirectional and stereo sound. Thus, giving an innovative sound experience just like a musical instrument. SOUNDPOTAI is also an eco-design home décor item from the range RIPPOTAI®.

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"At first it looked like a simple box, but when they turned it on it was surprising: it seemed someone was playing the guitar live :) "


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"As soon as I saw it I imagined it in my living room where everything is too white: knowing that I can connect it to my phone and listen to everything I want while I'm cooking is fantastic "


"My kids, Mattia and Gabriele, and I, had really a good time, we painted it all while the music was playing around "


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